about our artists

Norton Framing & Gallery teamed up with the staff on the Pediatric floor of Spaulding to organize a “syringe art” event in early November 2019 where the current inpatient adolescents made beautiful abstract artwork. This event put a special smile on the patients’ faces as they are able to see medical syringes used to produce something beautiful while also making special lasting memories as opposed to being used for their typical use of delivering medication. These 12 pieces of artwork are now professionally custom framed by Norton and are being auctioned off starting 12/4/19.
If you wish to support Spaulding Pediatric Rehab but don’t wish to bid on a painting you may do so by visiting our GoFundMe page


Brain Tumor

  • 14 y/o,  brain tumor patient and past patient of Spaulding
  • Enjoys reminiscing about his several week inpatient stay at Spaulding following a brain surgery.
  • Braiden enjoys spending time with his friends and cousins, building model cars, movies and hanging out with dad. 


Brain injury

  • Age 3 ½
  • Loves the color red


Functional Neurologic disorder

  • Age 13
  • Loves art
  • From Billerica, MA
  • Been at SRH 3 weeks, going home Tuesday
  • Came in unable to walk after FND (functional neurologic disorder), now can walk holding wall



  • Lost sensation in his legs. Braiden Norton had in-depth conversation about condition
  • Painting with masking tape first (will take off after paint dries) – to signify that “many roads lead to success” and that there are different paths you can take to get where you need to go



  • 16 years old, student at Quincy High, originally from China
  • 1st painting he titled “Mountain,” 2nd was “Dragon”
  • Enjoys video games and board games



  • “Purple and white panther” – I think maybe this was school colors/mascot?
  • Siblings came to visit and hang out for the day, watched her do the art