Artist:  Michael Hubert

Norton Framing & Gallery welcomes the artwork of Michael Hubert

Artist’s Statement

            “A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.”  Mark Rothko

Painting seems like some kind spiritual experience I need to have again and again.Those elemental moments of sky and water and the edges between are the foundation for my explorations as a painter. My aim is to create images that evoke a mood, ranging from tranquility and solace, to turbulence and chaos hoping to gain an emotional participation from people who view the work.

My paintings are process driven. By and large they’re done for their evocative and lyrical value rather than for a factual description or reporting of the visual world. The physical act of applying paint has a strong influence on the direction that a painting ultimately takes. The repetitive application and removal of paint creates elements and patterns that serve as a visual road map and function as a meditative dialogue between me and the painting. The resulting layers create a push and pull, or lost and found edges. Lines drawn with charcoal or paint become important compositional elements. My aim is to evoke a feeling I have experienced by means of color, line, movement and form and transmit that feeling so that others may also experience something similar.