When a customer enters Norton Gallery with an item to be framed much effort is made to ensure a pleasant experience.  Starting with the design process, one of the things I am constantly paying attention to is the amount of information or “know how” that is being requested.   I find that most new customers will realize that they can trust us with the proper archival assembly procedures and techniques soon after spending time with us in the design process.  We will always touch lightly on the processes that will be used but what I personally seek is to be sensitive to information overload.  Occasionally, a customer will inquire about assembly particulars and we love to share the step-by-step processes. We take pride in the efforts set forth which have been perfected over decades of hands-on experience.

So, when I’m thinking about the term “keep it simple”, I’m thinking about keeping you, our customer, as satisfied and at ease as possible.  The more you want to know, the more we will share but we will make sure we will not overwhelm you with unnecessary particulars up front.

Are you a recent customer of Norton Gallery or another custom framing business for that matter?  We love to hear about your custom framing experiences.  Send us a message or give us a call.