Padanaram Bridge/Causeway 

We’ve all heard by now of the Padanaram Bridge causeway construction project that will close off this convenient artery for nearly two years.  Inconvenience?  Yes!  Perfect timing?  Yes!  Sure,  their will be a small percentage of the local population who desire to head down to Padanaram that will change their plans because of an inconvenient 5 minute detour.   However, the timing couldn’t be better to kick off this much needed causeway project as the long-sought village rejuvenation and introduction of a handful of new restaurants and businesses serve as a reason to accept the slight detour.   This village is healthy, attractive and more of a destination than it has been in over a decade.  A closed causeway is no big deal, it’s not much  different than getting stuck at a bridge opening which is typical on the half-hour.  So, all of you west-sider’s, from Gulf Hill to California, make the trek and be sure to stop in Norton Gallery and let us plant a creative seed of how we can help transform your walls with meaningful art.